What you need to know before moving to Verizon.

Posted on February 4, 2011


Since the dawn of the iPhone customers have wanted apple to partner with Verizon, and  at 3AM this morning Verizon opened up iPhone 4 sales to their already existing customer base.  For everyone else, Febuary 10th is the scheduled release date.  So for both Verizon (etc)  and AT&T customers (including existing iPhone users) there are a few tips for making sure your switch is a pleasant one.

1. Contacts: One of the biggest headaches when changing phones.  A good idea before you switch would be to save your contacts to your computer.

2. Keeping the same phone #:  For some this isn’t really an issue but there are people out there who NEED to keep the same number. “There’s no need to cancel with your current carrier beforehand. When completing your transaction with Verizon Wireless, a sales representative can port your current, active number to your new account. Once this happens, your former carrier will be notified that your account is now terminated, and your friends, family and business contacts continue to reach you at the same number they all know.”                       – Verizon Sales Rep from Geek.com

3. Trade your old phone:  Not only will Verizon provide you with an iPhone 4, they will also issue credits for relatively new cell phones (regardless of the carrier). Learn more about the Verizon Trade-In Program.

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