7 Best Apps for Filing Taxes

Posted on February 10, 2011


Here are a few good tax filing applications for Smartphones.

1.) IRS2goWhere's my refund?!$Free/iPhone & Android:  This app allows you to check the status of your refund as long as you e-filed. (optional tax tips via email)


2.)TurboTax SnapTaxFile your taxes by phone  $14.99 to file/iPhone & Android:  Take photos of your W-2s and the data will be uploaded straight into the return. The app

is definitely suited for smaller returns for under $80K but gets the job done.  File both State and Federal with this one.



3.)Tax Organizer Store receipts on your phone  $Free/14days then $14.95/month/iPhone & Droid:  Don’t worry about keeping up with those annoying receipts. This app will store them

after you take a snap shot of them.  This app, like its name, is great for getting your tax stuff organized. For instance, it stores your receipts chronologically.



4.) TaxCaster MobileHow big will my refund be?  $Free/iPhone & Android: You can enter in your info (income, deductions, etc) and it will calculate your refund(or amount owed). 

This app is great for planning ahead with things like buying a house or taking a new job in that you can plug in your adjustments and see how it affects your return.



5.)iDonatedIt Keep track of donations$2.99/iPhone: App is great for back up of charitable giving and contributions.  Alternative to keeping up with receipts.


6.)iTaxMama Never miss a tax deadline$2.99/iPhone:  Just like your Mama, iTaxMama reminds you of deadlines.  App even tells you the penalties that you’ll incur in case you forget.


7.)Dictionary of Tax Terms Decode the tax code $1.99/iPhone & BlackBerry:  This app may not be as flashy but is still very helpful come tax season.  With over 600 words

and definitions this app will keep you following the rules and taking advantage of all credits/benefits.

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