Top 5 Best Places to Live

Posted on February 16, 2011


5.) McKinney, TX – Population: 125,000, Unemployment: 7.8%

Located near Dallas, McKinney is known for its low crime, affordable homes and good jobs.  Defense contractor Raytheon has a 3,700 person division as well as other businesses in finance, med technology and green manufacturing.


4.) Bellevue, WA– Population: 124,000, Unemployment: 5.8%


Roughly 7 miles from the center of Seattle, Bellevue has a unique forested citiscape. Homes are not the cheapest you’ll find but unemployment and job opportunities are in great shape. Because of a recent surge of jobs form employers like T-Mobile, Verizon and Expedia, Bellevue now has more available jobs than it does residents.



3.) Newton, MA– Population: 82,000, Unemployment: 6.0%

Located only 45 minutes from downtown Boston, Newton is filled with playgrounds, beautiful parks and shopping districts.  Although its pretty expensive to purchase a home here, the schools are top notch. 



2.) Columbia/Ellicott City, MD- Population: 155,000, Unemployment: 5.2%

Ellicott City’s unemployment rate makes this town an economic powerhouse.  With grand homes, an 18th century downtown and tons of delicious restuarants it’s easy to see why this city ranks so high.  Because it is so close to the National Security Agency and the Fort Meade Army base, more than 8,000 jobs are available.  The center of the city is somwhere between 30-60 minutes from either D.C. and Baltimore.



1.) Eden Prairie, MN– Population: 64,000, Unemployment: 5.1%

Located roughly 17 miles southwest of Minneapolis, Eden Prairie is the #1 place to live in the U.S.  Not only is this place family-friendly, it also has a Booming Economy. Its unemployment rate is 4 points below the national average and there are 50,000 jobs inside the town.  There isn’t much of a downtown but it makes up for it with lakes, mountains and parks.



Rankings were provided by CNNMoney
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