How to Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Career

Posted on July 6, 2011


1.) Include more than your current job

Even if you don’t want a lengthy profile, listing multiple jobs will let recruiters know about all of your experience.

2.) Add a Photo

Studies have shown that profiles with a photo are 7 times more likely to viewed.

3.) Connect with at least 50 people

50 connections will increase your networking chances. Below 50 does not look like you’re serious about networking on LinkedIn.

4.) Connect with people you know

Do not connect with complete strangers. If you really want to connect with them get introduced through 1st connection.

5.) Personalize your communications

Always personalize the default message when you invite someone to connect.

6.) Use the job postings

LinkedIn’s postings are definitely worth glancing over. There are far fewer false leads in postings and application on LinkedIn.

7.) Take advantage of the “skills” link

This can help you know how to describe you skills with web-search-friendly terminology.

8.) For Students: new jobs portal

This is a job portal with entry-level job opportunities specifically for recent grads.

9.) Try LinkedIn Today

This feature includes stories shared by people in your network.

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