5 Tips For Using Google+ For Job Searching

Posted on July 25, 2011


[Erica Swallow, Mashable]

“Google+ hasn’t hit a mainstream audience yet, but it does seem to be romancing the tech geeks with strong force. Yes, I’m talking about you, fellow Mashable readers. Early adopters, social influencers, tech innovators, digital natives — call yourselves what you will. The bottom line is, you understand the value of digital tools and how they can connect you to people and ideas all over the world.

With so many influential techies flocking to Google+, it’s a great place to showcase expertise and learn from others. Here are some tips for using Google+ for your job search…”

  1. Announce Your Availability
  2. Organize Contacts w/Circles
  3. Host a Relevant Hangout
  4. Share & Follow Relevant Expertise
  5. Development Job Listings
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