Google+ after 1 month

Posted on August 9, 2011


(ArsTechnica) — If you’re a stranger who follows me on Google+, you might think I rarely use the service. That’s because the majority of my posts have been limited to the seven circles I created for friends, acquaintances, family, Ars staffers, and other people I like to expose to various aspects of my personality. You had no idea? That’s exactly the point.

After one month with Google+, it’s clear to me that this — sending updates to certain groups of people and not to others — is the main appeal of the service. I was one of the first people to loudly declare that you can do the same thing on Facebook, but so few people know this that it’s basically a nonexistent feature; that’s the problem with Facebook. With Google+, sending out certain updates to some people and other updates to other people is right at the forefront of the experience. You are always asked to make a conscious decision about your social circles and about which circles get to see which posts.

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