Verigent Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity

Posted on October 24, 2011



“Habitat for Humanity believes in putting faith into action.  As the walls go up, so many invisible walls come down and a new hope is built in the heart of the community.” – Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, Christian organization that was founded based on the principles that every human being should have a safe and affordable place to live.  This foundation brings all types of volunteers together within different communities to help build homes for people who are in need.  Everything that goes forth into the homes are 100% donated; from the money, the materials, and the labor (which some consider being a labor of love).

After doing some local volunteer research, the Verigent team became eager to get involved with Habitat for Humanity.  The employees who came out to participate had never volunteered with this group, but left saying “we’ll do this again”.  The houses are built from the ground up and even the land they sit on is donated.  Most of the volunteers from the Verigent team had little to no experience in construction. This was not only a learning experience for us, but it was also a time for us to come together outside of work.

While we were there, we learned a few interesting things about this organization.  First of all, Habitat houses are not just given away to people in need.  Families who are awaiting a home help build the homes of others as well as their own for an extensive time period.  We actually had the privilege of working with two women who were having homes built for them and it was neat to see their personal dedication.  After speaking with the ladies, it made you realize how significant it is for families in need to have this program.  Habitat provides people with peace of mind, knowing that their children can grow up in a safe and stable environment with hope for a positive future.

“This past Saturday was a great way for the Verigent team to come together outside of work and help our local community.  My wife and I had a great time and are looking forward to helping out again in the near future.” – Kevin Kiernan, Owner/President of Verigent

“It was a great day – not only was the weather beautiful, but the people were so welcoming.  It was very rewarding to get to meet the people doing such good work as well as those who are so grateful and excited to be on the receiving end, now or in the future.  The leaders did a great job of including everyone and patiently teaching those of us who were not power-tool inclined to feel confident and come away with a feeling of accomplishment.  One thing that has stuck with me was from the introduction that morning, “just think how much we could accomplish if everyone would volunteer one day a year.”  I encourage others to participate with Habitat or other volunteer organizations.  You get much more than you give.” – Rebecca Hardin, Controller, Verigent

“I loved that the Habitat crew were so patient with us.  They really made me feel like I was special and that they wanted me to learn how to do the task at hand well.  It was a little overwhelming with so many people working in the same house but overall it was a great experience and I would like to do it again.” –Pam McNeill, Payroll Specialist, Verigent

 “Not having any experience in construction or building, this gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons by learning something new and helping a family build the house of their dreams.” –Brittany Keenan, Marketing Coordinator, Verigent

This was such an uplifting and positive experience for the Verigent team to participate in.  What a rewarding feeling to know that we helped shape a family’s future by putting forth a few boards, nails, and our time.  We plan on volunteering with this organization again in the near future and hope to have an even larger turn out!

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