Best Place to Work? We Think So!

Posted on November 4, 2011


Today, Verigent was honored to be apart of the Charlotte Business Journal’s “2011 Best Places to Work” ceremony held at the Charlotte Convention Center. Our controller, Rebecca Hardin, was the proud representative who stat patiently as they called out the top 30 small businesses in Charlotte, NC. Sitting with her anxiously, I wasn’t sure where Verigent would place, but knew it would be in the top 10! We happily brought back the award to the office to a very proud team!

About Verigent:

Employee perks:
Generous contribution to medical insurance; 401(k) matching; fun atmosphere; free food regularly; continuing-education classes; two company wide gatherings per year; after-work golf and bowling outings; weekend service projects.

What’s the first step a company should take to be a best place to work?

Look at your company and really ask if it’s a place you enjoy getting up to go to each day. If not, then ask your employees and really take to heart their responses.

How does your company maintain a high level of morale?

By continuously trying to keep everyone engaged and informed. If everyone knows the ultimate goal, it makes it a lot easier to ensure everyone is working in the same direction.

We’re one of the best places to work in Charlotte because:
Each employee knows what’s expected, embraces those responsibilities, contributes to improvements and feels their opinions are respected.

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