Oh Monday…

Posted on November 7, 2011


Monday, Monday, Monday…always most people’s least favorite day of the week.  Monday’s are the start of a new week, the day for catching up on emails, attending meetings, talking about what we did during the past weekend, and counting down the days until next the weekend…oh yes and the day Verigent processes payroll!  Not only is Monday a very busy day for Verigent co-workers, but this Monday is the first workday of daylight savings for this year, making everyone a little sleepier than usual.

Although it sounds like we all might have the Case of the Mondays…we actually have a little more ‘pep in our step’ then usual because we are all getting together after work to go bowling.  Occasionally the guys of Verigent would get together and go golfing, but with the change of the season, we’ve decided to try bowling.  One of our recruiter set this up, created teams, and even has a trophy as a prize for the winner.  All day long, we’ve been placing our bets on who the winner might be…so tonight should be interesting to see who the best bowler from Verigent is.




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