How to be a Positive Influence In the Workplace

Posted on December 5, 2011


How to be a Positive Influence in the Workplace

Many people strive for excellence in the workplace to not only benefit their company, but to see personal growth for their self.  This type of person usually qualifies as a hard worker, has a positive outlook, and is happy to help others if needed.  These personal attributes are important because the success of a company relies heavily on team effort.

Take a few minutes to think about yourself and the role that you play at your job.  What do you bring to your team?  Are you a positive influence or are you known for griping and complaining?  Are you helpful to others when they have questions or do you ignore them?  Are you pleasant to be around or do co-workers avoid you?  Take a few minutes to examine how you perceive yourself at work and how others might.

If you feel that you aren’t giving your best efforts overall at work, read these tips below to help better improve your attitude at work…remember they say, attitude is everything.

1.  Stay positive.

It is unrealistic to say that every day you will be peppy, and smiley, but staying upbeat is a good goal to have.  Maintaining an optimistic outlook will not only make you feel better about the day, but it can also help uplift a co-worker who might be having a bad day.  Remember emotions are contagious!

2.  Help others if you can.

If someone has a question or is unclear about something, take a few minutes to help them.  Sometimes your work load can be overwhelming, especially with deadlines and other pressing duties, but spending that extra 5 minutes with a co-worker will give them that ‘teamwork’ feeling.  This will make them strive to do a better job and it will feel good they better understand their responsibility.

3.  Keep your personal life at home.

Studies have shown that people get very close with their co-workers because that is where they spend most of their time.  It is good to have friendships with co-workers, but it isn’t appropriate to have them while at work.  Bringing negative baggage to work can not only distract you and your co-worker, but it can bring the mood of the atmosphere down.  It is recommended to keep the personal talk outside of work, which will benefit all.

4.  Be a role model.

Act as a leader to help influence how a co-worker should behave.  Pretend you are the owner of the company you work for.  How would you like your employees to act in the workplace?  Would you like to be running a successful company?  Would you want happy co-workers who have an upbeat attitude?  If so, your work and your attitude should reflect that.

Although some of these tips are pretty common, they can sometimes get lost in translation between our everyday lives.  Demonstrating strong efforts in the workplace with a positive attitude will not only make yourself feel better, but it will help boost the atmosphere in which you work in.

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