Job Hunting Tips

Posted on January 30, 2012


Many who are out of work often feel frustrated with the job hunting process.  Although it is more difficult to find a job than it used to be, there are still available positions out there with companies who are eager to hire.  Let us share some job hunting tips that might help you with your job search.

1.     Research.  The internet is the perfect tool.  Search your industry to see what companies are hiring in that line of work.  Make your search more specific to the region you want to work and live.  Once you break down your components (whatever they might be), write down some of the companies you’ve found and check out their background and reputation.  After narrowing down your search, you will be able to see what companies sound like a good fit and what positions they are hiring for.

2.     Work with a  Staffing Firm.  Staffing firms want to put you to work!  Many firms, including Verigent, have short-term, long-term, and permanent placement opportunities that provide you with opportunities that best fit your lifestyle.  Recruiters will not only help you land the job you’ve been seeking, but they will help dress up your resume and cover letter for future purposes.  By working with a staffing firm, you can reduce the amount of time you are spending job hunting and focus your energy on getting hired.

3.     Connect with Social Media.  Join the social media world by creating a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + profile page.  Creating accounts on these sites can help you connect and network with people from your past or present who might know of available opportunities.  On some of these sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, you can join groups specific to your industry, which also expands your viral networking.  For instance, Verigent has joined these sites so our information and job postings are updated daily, which is a great tool for our followers.

4.     Be Specific.  The more focused you are about what you want to do the better your search will be.  You want to make sure you are industry specific and that your resume reflects the type of job you are looking for or applying to.  If you aren’t consistent overall, you will probably be overlooked.

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