What Does Your Facebook Say About You?

Posted on March 7, 2012


I wanted to spend some time today focusing on Facebook and how it reveals many layers of a person.  I came across an interesting article this morning called “What Employers Are Thinking When They Look At Your Facebook Page”, by Kashmir Hill, from Forbes and it mentioned that employers will often check out your Facebook profile page to learn more about the dynamics of one’s background information, personality traits, and overall values.

It is interesting how much you can understand about a person based what they have included in their profile.  By reading their basic information, checking out their photos, and reviewing the posts that others put on their wall, it is easy to get a sense of what that person is like.  After studying someone’s profile, it is easy to get a feel that you might know that person, when in fact you don’t. 

The article I read this morning talked about employers being able to understand behavior traits based on what they had viewed, which lead them to a better understanding of whether or not this person would be a good match for their company.  With technology taking over, do you think that things like Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, and other social media outlets will be the new ways of employment for people?

Spend some time and reflect on yourself and the amount of time you spend on Facebook.  What does your page say about you?  Do you think someone would hire you based on what you’ve submitted on your page?    

Check out the article:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2012/03/06/what-employers-are-thinking-when-they-look-at-your-facebook-page/

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