CCCC Job Fair in Sanford, NC

Posted on March 15, 2012


Yesterday Garrett and I attended the Central Carolina Community College’s Job Fair that was held in their Civic Center in Sanford, NC.  After a long, two-hour drive, on two lane roads in the fog, we were happy to arrive and set up our table.  As students filtered in to the room, we greeted them and gave them some insight about Verigent.  Many seemed eager to learn about what our company did and even more eager to enjoy the goodies we provided for them.

CCCC is one of the only community colleges in the NC area that offers BICSI Certification to their telecom students, so we were happy to collect resumes to help get these students in front of our clients.  We also met several students who had just received their A++ Certification and were interested in beginning a career in Information Technologies.  Some students were looking for strictly contract work, while others were looking to build their experience and would take any opportunity they could land.  Luckily, Verigent offers contract work, contract to hire opportunities, and permanent placement positions, which are based upon what our client is looking for.

It was beneficial to attend this job fair because we got to network and meet many interesting prospects.  If you are looking for work, it is a great idea to research local job fairs and attend with an updated resume…you never know who you’ll meet!

Be sure to check out our website for a listing of our available jobs.  We post and updated daily.  []

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