The Importance of New Hire Paperwork

Posted on March 22, 2012


When starting a new job, most Human Resources Departments will distribute documents that will need to be filled out and returned to begin a new employee file.  These forms typically contain your personal contact information, tax information, I9 forms, payroll information, etc.  Although filling these forms out can be redundant, it a vital process in starting a new job and is important for the company to have this information on file.

If hired on at Verigent, we will send you a new hire packet via email or mail with the required documents we need in order for you to start your new job.  Our new hire packet consists of Verigent Policies and Procedures, a Verigent Application, an employee agreement, an I9 form, tax forms, payroll information (with the option of direct deposit), personal contact information, etc.

Verigent’s Paperwork Defined

Verigent’s number one goal is to make you feel a part of our team.  We have established a set of policies and standards that we take pride in as a company.  We encourage all new hires to read each form carefully, so that everything is understood from the beginning.  Verigent has a standard application form that has the employees contact information as well as previous employment information that might be useful for us (references, experience, etc).  We also distribute tax forms so that we know how many people you’re claiming and what state you live in, which plays a key role in our payroll process.  The I9 form is one of our most important forms because this form gives us feedback on whether or not you are legally allowed to work in the United States.  Employee’s contact information is needed for pay purposes and in case of emergencies.

Verigent’s Expectations

In order for us to hire you, we must receive your paperwork before your start date.  This is ensuring that the employee is on the same page as Verigent and our client, for legality reasons, and to be sure that the employee’s personal information is accurate and up to date in our system.

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