Are References Important?

Posted on April 12, 2012


If you follow Verigent’s social media networks, you probably saw the article yesterday, “8 Ways to Handle Your Job References”.  I stumbled across this article and decided to share with you all because references are another important piece of the puzzle when job hunting.

As we all know, looking for a job can be very time-consuming and frustrating, but if you’re organized it can be a lot easier than it looks.  Make sure to always have a basic resume, cover letter, and reference page saved on your computer.  Many people tweak and review their resume and cover letter to either update the information or to make it flow according to the type of job they are applying for.  90% of the time, the reference page doesn’t get touched.

If you are going to spend the time to update the other pieces of the puzzle, make sure you review your reference sheet.  Maybe one of the contacts has moved or changed numbers or perhaps you haven’t spoken to that person in quite some time.  Having untouched references can really hurt you while trying to land a job.

Use the quality tips from this article when creating or editing your contacts.  Remember, the point of having a contact sheet is for employers to find out about you and your work ethic.  You want to choose someone who will speak highly of you and knows about your previous work history.

If you didn’t get a chance to read the article click on the link below:

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