The Art of Communicating in the Workplace

Posted on June 12, 2012


They say that communication is the key ingredient to living a successful life.  Do you agree?  Why is it so important anyway?  Having effective communicating skills keeps everyone organized and on the same page.  This is vital in the workplace.  Having poor communication can often lead to an uncomfortable work atmosphere.

As a manager or leader in a company, having effective interpersonal skills allows employees to better understand the task at hand and gives them the opportunity to successfully complete it.  They should know what is expected, where they stand, and how they can go about completing what is being asked of them.

It is imperative that employees also develop and maintain an effective style of communication to avoid extra stress and a negative work atmosphere.  If issues or questions come up from an employee’s prospective, it is important to consider the best way to address what needs to be discussed.

First, one should consider the time and place to address the topic/issue at hand.  The next suggested step is to write down all ideas (positive and/or negative) to completely understand feelings/emotions and how to properly present these ideas/thoughts.  Be clear and knowledgeable when you are ready to speak so that time isn’t being wasted.  Last, but not least, be prepared to understand all reactions to the discussion.  By following these steps, one can help build a positive connection, which is essential to more productive discussions.

It is important to use different methods of communicating since the world now uses various forms communicate.  Many forms of professional communication are done through email for instance; however, it is often best to speak face to face so that a personal connection can be made and a deeper understanding is reached.

Practicing good communication skills allows everyone to feel comfortable in their professional surroundings, often leading to them work harder.  It can also help build professional relationships because everyone will have a better understanding of what is expected and how situations are being handled.

Now, here is the big question…are you an effective communicator?

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