Benefits of Working With a Staffing Firm

Posted on July 16, 2012


Looking for work can often feel like a full-time job itself.  With the economy the way it is, employers get flooded with resumes, so unless you know someone you can often be just another resume.  How can you avoid this?  Networking is a useful activity that you can participate in, but many have started working with staffing firms.

What is the benefit of working with a staffing firm? 

By working with a staffing firm, you work directly with a recruiter who does the head hunting for you.  He/She works directly with a company and knows the scope of the work that is available.  Often times recruiters will have short-term opportunities, but it is more and more common that their clients offer contract to hire opportunities, as well as permanent placements.

How Can a Recruiter Help You?

By building a professional relationship with your recruiter, he/she can help you land a job and keep you in the look about upcoming opportunities.  Got rejected from a position based on your resume?  Your recruiter can get feedback for you and help you understand why .  Often times they will review your resume and provide you with feedback/tips on how to improve it for the next available opportunity.

How Often Should You Talk to Your Recruiter?

I say, feel free to stay in touch with your recruiter as often as you’d like.  By contacting them and staying in touch, they will know that you are eagerly seeking work and will do their best to place you with the right opportunity.  By regularly communicating, they will feel as if they know you and might even call upon you before others. If you’re doing contract work and you do a good job, they will remember that for upcoming projects and so will the client.

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