Motivate Employees to Keep Them Devoted To Their Job

Posted on July 20, 2012


It is human nature that people are motivated by money, recognition, and more responsibility.  The first two may be obvious, leaving you questioning why some might be motivated with more work.  The reason people are eager to take on more important duties is because it makes them feel needed, it makes them feel devoted, and it makes them feel accomplished.  How can you keep your employees inspired?

One-On-One Time

Spend some time getting to know your employee and build a professional relationship with them.  By understanding their personality and knowing their expectations, it will be easy to then understand their goals for themselves and the company.


Go through extensive training with your employees so that they are fully aware of their responsibilities.  Express your goals, thoughts, and ideas with them.  Listen to theirs.  The result of brainstorming ideas could be HUGE for your company and will lead to future planning.

Recognize & Reward

Recognize your super star employees by rewarding them for achieving their goals.  All companies reward differently, but make sure to take the time to show your appreciation (emails, lunches, time off, gift cards, a raise, a promotion, etc.) so that they understand their hard work is being noticed.

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