Become Great at Networking

Posted on July 24, 2012


Does networking really benefit professionals?  The answer to that question can vary from person to person.  People who attend these events and don’t put themselves out there will find that it was a waste of their time.  Others who anxiously attend, speaking to a variety of people, and seem passionate about their career seem to enjoy the benefits of networking.  How can you make the most of your networking?

Get Involved In Your Local Community

Whether you are doing volunteer work, attending local chamber meetings, or even going to happy hour after work, get yourself out there and start meeting folks!  You never know who you might meet that could affect your present or even your future.

Listen Carefully To All

Speak to everyone, whether they are in your area of work or not.  You never know what you might learn from them or who they might know that can help you or your company out.

Be Knowledgeable About What You Do

When talking about your job, make sure you can explain it specifically so that others clearly understand what it is that you do.  Be passionate, express interest, and show how devoted you are to your job.

Exchange Business Cards

Always have business cards on hand!  Passing out your contact information can open many doors for future opportunities and exchanging them with others can be even better.  Follow up with an email after meeting someone or connect with them via Linked In to continue the networking relationship.

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