What’s Your Work Personality?

Posted on August 8, 2012



Let’s face it.  We’re all different by nature and have our own ways of doing things, sometimes known as our quirks.  Each characteristic trait we possess brings something to the table, whether positive or negative.  These various personality dynamics can help a company run smoothly if balanced properly.  In reality, if we all operated and functioned in the same manner, things would be accomplished at a very one-sided pace.  Wouldn’t the workplace be quite boring [or even unsuccessful] if new ideas were never presented, different processes weren’t created, and two sides of a situation were never seen?  I think so!

The real question here though is what is your personality type?  Below I have listed the common types of personalities seen in professional atmospheres and their stereotypical traits.  Where do you fall?  Does your company have a good mix?  Can people with different viewpoints work together well?  Let’s find out!

Personality Type – A

People that classify themselves as “Type A” tend to set the bar extremely high.  Always setting and achieving goals, these people are competitive amongst their co-workers and strive to be the best.  Feeling stressed is quite common for them, but they will multitask to get the job done.  Typically, these people are quite tense, and are often called overachiever because they will work until they feel accomplished.

Personality Type – B

These people tend to be the complete opposite of “Type A” people.  Laid back, at ease, low stress, are all characteristics you can find in these people.  Their tasks or responsibility will be completed, but will not be done in a specific time frame.  Often times, these people will wait until the last-minute to get things done, but the bottom line…it gets done!  Sometimes A and B personalities clash because they are so night and day.

Personality Type – C

Now this is one that you don’t hear about often because most people stick you in the A or B category.  Type C personalities are extremely detail oriented and tend to keep to themselves.  They want to fully understand how things work and will spend tons of time doing so.

Personality Type – D

Another personality type you don’t hear about often is this one.  These people tend to be moody, negative, and socially withdrawn.  Due to fear of rejection, these people also keep to themselves and don’t ever speak up for what they believe in.  One little problem can easily ruin their day and cause them to be unproductive.

After reading the different dynamics of these personalities, where do you feel you fall?  Do you think that you’re a good fit for your job or company?  If you’re anything like me, I feel that I am a mixture between all of these.  Depending on the day, the task, and the time frame, I can possess traits from each.  Typically in a work environment, you’re going to see a little bit of everything.  The easiest way to approach the differences in people is to try to appreciate why they are that way and what they bring to the table.

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