Signs of a Quality Recruiter

Posted on August 9, 2012


ImageIf you are seeking job opportunities, chances are that you have worked with a recruiter or at least spoken to one.  Recruiters and staffing firms sometimes have a negative reputation, however, they can be quite helpful when it comes to job hunting.  If you choose to wok with a staffing firm, it is vital that you understand whether or not you are working with a quality recruiter and a legitimate company.  How can you tell?  Read these tips below to help you better identify the type of recruiter you’re dealing with.  You want to know that they have your best interest.

Strong Communication Efforts

Ultimately, the recruiter is the middle man between you and their client.  If they stay in contact with you and keep you in the loop with what is going on, chances are you will feel more at ease about the opportunity.  Sometimes things fall through, which you may not know unless the recruiter informs you.  If you feel your recruiter isn’t communicating with you to their full potential, continue to contact them or ask to work with someone else.  Be fully aware of any contracts signed, know the details of your pay, and understand their expectations immediately.

Build Professional Relationships

It is good to build a relationship with your recruiter so that they understand exactly the type of work you’re looking for and will keep you in mind for future opportunities.  If you go above and beyond while working for their client, chances are they will keep you working or you could get hired on full-time.  The better your reputation, the better your relationship will be.

Company Branding Efforts

Have you worked with multiple staffing firms?  Be sure to know the companies that you have dealt with in the past and who provided the utmost customer service.  Make sure that you are being treated fairly, that you’re recruiter stays in contact with you, so you are working as often as possible.  You recruiter should prove through their actions how their company is better from the competitors.

Asking for References

If your recruiter is asking for your references, you will understand that they want to learn more about you and your work history.  This will help them better understand you, your quality of work, and who you’ve worked with in the past.

Company Benefits

The recruiter should inform you of any benefits you might automatically have or receive while working with them.  Again, this lies in the communication category, so be sure you have been told all of this upfront!

Prove your worth and let it shine to the recruiter.  Working with a staffing firm can be a win/win for you and the company because it allows you both to see if you’re a good fit for an opportunity.   Seeking work or looking for a recruiter?  Visit us on the web today!

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