How To Avoid Negative Thinking at Work

Posted on August 14, 2012


Negative thoughts are often portrayed from actions, words, or impressions from the outside world.  Depending on the type of person you are, you may have a tremendous amount of negativity, or you may be someone who possesses a very little amount.  Regardless, any negative thoughts can begin to bring you down, as well as the people around you, so why not avoid them?  If you begin to dwell on all that is bad these thoughts will start to turn into actions.  Who really wants to be known as a negative person anyway?  I know I don’t!  So…how can we avoid thinking this way, especially at work?

See Both Sides…Your Side and Theirs!

Evaluate the situation at hand that is giving you negative thoughts/vibes.  Obviously you are going to see your perspective first, but after that try to break down the other side of the situation.  Every story has two sides and by trying to understand them both will give you clarity and a better understanding of everything.

Try Something New…Ignore Your Negative Thoughts!

Each time a negative thought enters your mind, turn it around with a positive one!  Many of us get frustrated with everyday events in our lives, but in reality are they that big of a deal?  Could things be worse?  Think about all that you have and remind yourself of the positive aspects of your life.  Dwelling on the worst, will only bring out the beast in you!

Face Your Fear Dead On

Upset about something that you would like to see changed?  Maybe you’re not meeting your goals, maybe you want to earn more money, or it could be a combination of both.  What can you do about the situation?  Change it!  You’ve already eliminated your angry thoughts, so now it is time to change your actions!  If something is upsetting you, try to figure out the best solution.  If you would like a promotion at your job, set up a meeting expressing your goals to your boss.  If you would like a raise, prove that you’re worthy of one.

Keep Dreaming and Setting Goals

No one is perfect, so avoiding negative behavior at all times will be impossible as a human being.  With that being said, you can work harder to establish a new insight and way of thinking.  Remind yourself of what makes you happy and try to understand how you got there.  How can you keep these positive thoughts?  Live in the moment and appreciate all that does make you happy.  Set your goals for what you hope to have accomplished and revisit them often.  Think outside of the box…

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