Know the Business You’re In — The Truths About Contract Work

Posted on August 21, 2012


ImageWhen working with a staffing firm, most of the time you will be doing temporary work or contract work.  Occasionally permanent placements will be available (depending on the client), but that isn’t always the case.  Whether or not you are familiar with temp work or not, we wanted to share some truths of it for all of you newbies.

Know What the Staffing Firm is All About

Get a feel for the staffing firm you’re working with by checking out their website, speaking with their recruiters, and by the niche they specialize in.  If they specifically hire jobs in the field you’re looking for, that’s the first good sign.  If they have a credible website, then they must take pride in their company and spend time trying to promote it.  Is the staff helpful?  Sign number three that working with this company can benefit you.  Make sure you are aware of how often the company pays and whether or not they offer direct deposit or just send out live checks.  Payment is usually a TOP priority for people seeking work.

Understand the Job You’re Applying For

Make sure your recruiter is clear and detailed about the type of job you might potentially be doing.  With contract work, you can’t always expect it to go anywhere, but nonetheless you should still work hard.  Some clients will actually hire contract workers on full-time if they are able and are doing a good job.  It is vital that you know ahead of time what the pay will be so that there are no surprises after the work is complete.  Try to receive as much feedback as you can regarding their client so that you are aware how they operate too since you will be working for them as well.

The Positives of Temp Work

Temporary work isn’t always appealing, however, try to see the positive aspects of it.  Temporary work can be a win-win for you and the client because it allows you to see if you’re a good fit at that particular company and gives the client a better understanding if you are the right candidate to get the job done.  Temp work is also good to fill in gaps on your resume and can allow other doors to open for you.  Networking.

If you’re having trouble finding a permanent placement opportunity, try working with a staffing firm to see if they can help you lock down any work in the meantime.  Keep in mind some firms, like Verigent, offer permanent placement positions depending on the client.

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