Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Posted on September 4, 2012


Do you often feel exhausted or stressed out because of work or just life in general?  If you do, you are probably not alone.  Today it seems that everyone is always on the go and often that our hectic lifestyles are taking us over.  How can you avoid running yourself thin?  Are you doing too much or too little to make things run smoothly?

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Make sure that you get plenty of rest and eat a well-balanced diet.  You’d be surprised how much this can really impact your mental attitude, your focus, and the way you feel.  By not doing these things, you will feel even more run down and it can lead to negative thinking.  Negative thinking can consume you and make you feel worse, so prevent them!

Don’t Take on More Than You Can Handle

Don’t take on additional responsibilities at work if you truly cannot handle them.  This will only increase your stress level and will prevent you from performing at your best.  Figure out a daily schedule if you can, allowing some wiggle room, and analyze what you can realistically handle.  Talk it over with your boss so he or she is aware of how you feel and know how much you can be accountable for.  It is important to understand that the more responsibility you have, the more available you will need to be for others, leaving you little time for yourself or your family.  Finding the right balance is key and will provide more productivity with less stress.

Believe in Yourself

Put yourself to the test without making yourself miserable.  Set the bar high setting goals for yourself often, but again, keep it realistic.  You might not be able to take on everything all at once, but ease into it if you want to grow in that direction.  Your attitude and thinking dictate how you feel and handle life situations.  Do you spend too much time at work, leaving little time for others or are you spending less time than you should at work?  Whatever your situation is, evaluate how to create a balance that keeps you from becoming overwhelmed with life.

Be Perfectly Positive

Keep your happiness by surrounding yourself with upbeat and optimistic people.  Avoid bitter feelings, negative emotions, and increased stress.  Being around people who want to see you succeed, who are willing to help you, and who know the quality in their lives are often the happiest and most successful people.  Be one of those!

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