Working Overtime…Are You Really More Productive?

Posted on September 20, 2012


For most people, the typical work week (Monday-Friday) consists of 40 hours, including taking a lunch break each day.  Others who tend to work above 40 hours are often called workaholics.  Where do you see yourself?  Is it really worth it to work more hours than necessary?  In this blog, I will share my opinion of the pros and cons of working overtime.  The main objective of working more is to stay productive and get more accomplish.  Are people really doing that though or are they spinning their wheels?

The Pro’s to Working Overtime

Extra Time:  It’s simple.  Working overtime is giving you more hours in the work day to get more accomplished than you might in a standard 8 hour day.  This isn’t the case with everyone, but it does benefit those who manage their time wisely.  People often work overtime to accomplish tasks that are on the back burner on their list of tasks.  In some cases, you have perfectionist that want to ensure that everything is done perfectly, spending more time getting things done than the average person.  

More Money.  This isn’t true with all companies, but typically those who work overtime earn more money.  People who are paid hourly can often earn double time, while those paid yearly typically don’t receive extra money.  Although you may not get paid for working over time, it can pay off later.  It might show your boss that you are dedicated to your job and that you are willing to work hard with or without pay.  

Better Prepared.  By spending more time at work, you have more time to be prepared for your job and the responsibilities at hand.  It allows extra time to dive in and really understand the details regarding the scope of work.

The Cons of Working Overtime

Lack of Life Balance.  Those who live, eat, and breathe work typically don’t have much time for other things in life.  They might miss out on family events, spending time with friends, and lack personal time for themselves.  For some people this is fine, but it is healthier to have a good balance overall in life.

 Exhaustion & Fatigue.  Often people who work overtime lack the balance as previously discussed, which means they are probably getting very little sleep.  A good night’s sleep keeps people functioning, so without it, eventually your body will shut down from exhaustion.  Having a good night’s rest will keep your head clear and your body energized for the next day.

Burn Out.  Those who spend most of their time at the office will eventually feel burned out if they do not ever have any personal time.  It is human nature to get bored or aggravated with the same thing over and over, especially if they are lacking sleep leading to counterproductive.

I think the key to this and in general is to make sure your life has balance.  I personally enjoy to work, but I also like participating in other activities.  Sometimes I find myself working longer than required, while sometimes I have other obligations that need attention, so I leave at the time I’m suppose to get off.  

What are your thoughts/opinions about working over time?

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