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Posted on September 21, 2012


Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Verigent, an IT and Telecom Staffing Firm that was established back in 2010 has dramatically grown in size and hasn’t shown any sign of stopping!  This is great news for all that are currently employed here, but even better for people who are seeking future opportunities.  Recently, Verigent hired two interns in our Charlotte, NC office to help cover some of the companies needs.  Not only was this worth while for us from a company’s standpoint, but it gave these students an opportunity to obtain basic office skills.  It was such a big success that ready to do it again!  We are currently seeking to hire interns in our Charlotte, NC office and our Rockville, MD office.

What are the benefits of internships from a company and student’s perspective?

For a Company:

Hiring interns can be valuable for a company because it gives them the chance to hire someone temporarily to help fulfill current or lingering obligations.  Working with younger folks can also be great for companies because the students are motivated and eager to learn, bringing in their fresh ideas to share with the company.  Many of us stay busy throughout the week, so interns can help assist employees with tasks that might be a lower priority.

For Verigent:

In the process of recruiting interns, we’ve had the opportunity to visit different colleges campuses and meet many great people.  Through these visits we’ve established solid relationships with the career center employees and have found some great candidates.  The two interns that we hired this summer helped us tremendously by cleaning up our database system, working first hand with experienced recruiters, sourcing resumes, and other various projects that we felt could help them build their experience.

For the Intern:

There are unlimited benefits when taking on an internship and it is important to absorb as much information as possible.  First of all, being able to put an internship on a resume is a bigger boost than a typical minimum waged job.  Typically internships are in office settings, therefore the atmosphere is more professional and more experience is gained.

Verigent actually pays their interns, so it is another way for students to earn money while in school.  By working at an established company and proving quality work ethic, it can open a lot of doors professionally for the student’s future.

Internships are a great way for students to prepare for their future by gaining additional experience outside of school.  It can give students a dose of what the ‘real world’ work force is like, helping establish a more structured schedule.  Students who partake in internships must be discipline and motivated because it is an additional work load to their busy schedules, but it does lead them to from the classroom to the office.

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