Improve Your Linked In Profile…Make It Complete

Posted on September 24, 2012


What is the purpose of having a Linked In profile?  Do people really use it?  Linked In is a form of social media, which is designed to help professionals network with each other via the Internet.  Think of it as an online resume that highlights your attributes and background experiences.  It allows companies, hiring managers, and job seekers to connect with each other seeing what people knowledge and skills others have to offer.

What makes a profile complete?

Profile Picture:

Having a profile picture is a must!  People want to not only see what skills you have to offer, but they want to put a face to the name.  Since it is an online application, having a profile picture humanizes the whole experience.

Current Information

Make sure that you have the most up to date information at the beginning of your page.  You want your first and last name, your current job title, and the location that you’re living in.  This information is the first thing profile viewers will see so make sure it is updated!

Summarize Yourself:

In the summary section, put a brief description of your background or what it is you’re looking to do.  This will give people an idea of where you currently stand.  Are you job seeking?  Are you trying to connect with others to benefit your current company?  Are you trying to connect with people in your local community?


This is where past jobs/careers can be listed.  It is wise to put opportunities that best match what you’re looking for or that are higher quality positions, worthy of posting.  Be sure to include the location, the website, and bullet the information of what was done at this company.

Skills & Expertise:

Include any skills sets that might relate to your current job or a job that you’re seeking.  If you’ve worked with different software or have specific certifications, list them here too.  List your most attributed skills so that viewers can easily read them.


Education is always vital when people are reviewing Linked In profiles.  Connect with alumni who attended the same school or see where others who attended the same school are working.  Linking In with colleagues can be beneficial for building your professional network.


Have others you’ve worked with recommend you for the work and effort you’ve done in the past.  This will show profile viewers your creditably.

Personal Information:

Include things like your twitter account, your blog, your interests, honors, etc. to shed a little light on your personal side.  Be careful with this though because Linked In wasn’t created to get too personal.  Keep in mind it is a professional networking site, but it is always nice to know a person’s general interests.

Luckily, Linked In offers users helpful hints and tips on how to improve their profile while in the editing mode, so make sure you check those features out!

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