Resume Formatting Tips

Posted on October 8, 2012


When writing up your resume, it is important to keep it simple, highlighting your biggest attributes.  Use these tips & suggestions as a guide to creating or improving your resume.

Put the most important information first

  • Highlight what hiring managers are looking for right away so that your resume stands out amongst others
  • Put less relevant information towards the end of the resume
  • Keep it simple; you can go into specifics during an interview

 Sell yourself through your resume

  • Highlight relevant experience first
  • Educational background information is usually one of the first key components to list on your resume
  • Work experience is usually the next so that hiring managers can see if your background and skill sets match the position you’re applying for

 Make sure your resume is easy on the eyes

  • Format the page to 1 inch margins all around so that it is laid out neatly
  • Hiring managers would rather see plenty of white space rather than words scrunched up on the page
  • Watch out for grammatical errors – especially spelling – it will show your carelessness
  • The font should be consistent and nothing too crazy
  • It is suggested that people should use Times New Roman, size 10
  • Keep the same font throughout the resume
  • Bold the main titles that draw the hiring managers attention to the important subject
  • Bullet information should be under the bold title, highlighting basic skill sets
  • Bullets provide a nice way to break up the text

Be prepared to explain gaps in your resume

  • If you’ve been out of work or haven’t worked in a while, be able to explain what you’ve been doing in between work with your hiring manager
  • Participate in volunteer work if you are having a hard time filling in gaps on your resume

 Avoid job hopping on your resume

  • If you’ve had less important jobs or jobs that don’t relate to what you’re looking to do, leave them off of your resume
  • Modify your resume to match the position you’re applying for.  If you’ve done jobs in the past that might not relate, again leave them off
  • You can always mention that you worked in between jobs during the interview

 Can your resume be more than one page?

  • It is preferred for resumes to be 1 page, however, if it exceeds that make sure to have the second page filled at least halfway down
  • If you barely touch the second page with your information, try to get the text down to 1 page

Usually employers spend an average of 30 seconds on a resume

  • Your goal should be to make your resume stand out from the beginning
  • Does the resume present a complete picture and impart information on the person’s skills, abilities, and strengths?
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