Confessions of a Recruit-a-Holic

Posted on October 17, 2012


So let’s face it.  There are things that we don’t know about recruiters that we might be curious about.  Are they really out for your best interest or theirs?  What is it that they do day in and day out?  After working around many here at Verigent, all with different personality types, it seems as if they have the same agenda and that is to find the right match for our clients and our employees.  How do they do this?

Build Relationships

Each recruiter that I have worked with makes an enormous effort to build a strong relationship with their hires and the clients they work with.  When our client comes to us seeking hires, we do our best to find them the right match as well as making the candidate happy in the new position.  This requires a lot of emailing, a lot of phone time, and even some face to face time.  Being honest and reliable on both ends impacts the success of everyone involved in the hiring process.

Recruiters Like to Help

Being able to help our client fill positions and getting potential candidates hired as our employee genuinely makes our team happy.  Having the ability to find people work in such a rough economic time is rewarding for us.  Because of the strong bond we have with our employees, we want to make sure we are able to keep them working in on continuous projects or to even get them hired permanently.

Recruiters Work Long Hours

Believe it or not, recruiters work after hours a lot more than you’d think.  Often times our clients will have projects come up and need hires right away, so our recruiters do their best to fill these requirements.  This might mean late nights at work, making calls over the weekend, or even last-minute meetings to attend.  Again, this isn’t done because they have to, but because they want to.  Our recruiters are dedicated to their careers want to work for you.

They Set the Bar High

Because of their hard work and dedication, our recruiters set the bar high for their hires.  As a potential candidate for a job, you expect the recruiter to be honest and open with the details regarding the job.  The same thing is expected from the hire in a recruiter’s point of view.  Our recruiters like hires who keep in touch with them, communicate with them if issues arise, and keep them informed of their work.