Should You Upgrade Your Linked In Account?

Posted on October 23, 2012


Linked In is a great social media tool used by many professionals to network over the Internet.  With the job market the way it is, many people are relying on connecting with people they know to help them get settled in a career.  Linked In offers basic accounts for free, while there are also options to upgrade from the basic profile, but it will cost you.  Should you upgrade or is it a waste?  What are the benefits of a premium profile?

Directly Message Non-Connections

Linked In likes you to connect with people who you know and then build connections from there.  Sometimes you might right across a connection who is linked to someone you know, but not you directly. Having an upgraded account allows you the opportunity to directly inbox the non-connection in hopes that one will be established.

You Can See Who’s Viewing Your Profile

With the basic account, Linked In will show you some of the people who have reviewed your profile, but not all of them.  By upgrading you can see who is looking at your profile…whether it be competitors, hiring managers, etc.

Review More Profiles

Having a basic profile only allows you the opportunity to view 100 non connections that you could potentially connect with.  Getting an upgrade profile allows you the opportunity to review more potential connections.

Track Your Connections

With an upgraded account, you can track your connections and people.  This is a good reminder in case you’re wanting to follow-up after a job interview or if you’re trying to conduct business deals.

Is an upgraded account worth it to you?  Consider what you’re using Linked In for, your budget, and how often you’re using it.

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