Are You Ready for Contact Work?

Posted on October 24, 2012


Many folks are often turned off by contract work because they prefer to have longevity in their careers.  Although contract work isn’t permanent, there are many benefits to offer people who choose to go this route.  What are they and are you ready to make the change?

Potential to Earn More Money

This might come as a shock to many, but often times people who do steady contract work can often earn more money than people who are paid yearly.  How is this?  First of all, contractors who are in high demand can better negotiate their salaries because they are needed immediately.  Secondly, contract workers are usually paid hourly, so each hour work is paid.  That is not always the case with salary employees.  Also, depending on the situation, per diem can be paid to contract employees as well as being reimbursed for various business expenses an employee might endure.

Potential to Gain More Experience 

By working on short-term projects, contractors are able to meet various people and work in various locations, gaining new experiences along the way.  Depending on the specific requirements, some companies require specific training and will pay employees to become certified.  Those who do longer term projects out-of-town also get the opportunity to travel and experience new places.

Potential for Spontaneity

Contract workers experience something new day-to-day, providing them with lots of spontaneity.  Most of these jobs aren’t the 9 to 5 that most people are used to.  Crazy hours can be worked, projects might fall through or they could last longer than expected, or they might even be out-of-town.  Contract workers have to be up for an adventure and have to expect the unexpected.

Although there are many advantages of contract work, there are obviously factors that weigh in pretty heavy that many have to consider.  It is tough on people who have active families because the work can be during various hours or out to town.  Another issue is that the work isn’t consistent, so this can be a strain on people who need a steady stream of work.  Think about your situation…does contract work seem ideal for you?

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