What Are the Dangers in Over Communicating?

Posted on October 26, 2012


Communication is key in so many situations, but to really be useful, it needs to be done right.  Often times people under communicate, leaving people left in the dark about what is going on.  Others over communicate, leaving their audience uninterested and maybe even not listening.  Why is over communicating harmful?

People Don’t Take You Seriously

When you over communicate, it might appear that you just like to hear yourself talk because there is so much fluff around the important information that it tends to get lost.  Most people do not have time to sit and listen to every waking detail of a story, therefore they will have a hard time distinguishing whether or not your information is worth listening to.

Know Your Audience

Consider the source to whom you’re relaying the information to.  If the entire office needs to know, include them.  If the information doesn’t pertain to specific individuals, leave them out!  You don’t want to appear that you are trying to waste people’s time or cannot connect the dots…make sure you understand the message and who it needs to be delivered to!

Remember, communication is a wonderful, useful thing when used correctly.  Don’t ruin your reputation because of bad communication skills.  Think about the source, the information, and how you can best express it!

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