How a Happy Workplace Can Positively Influence Your Employees

Posted on November 6, 2012


People who work in laid back, fun, and happy work environments tend to be the happiest and most successful.  Some companies beg to differ because they feel the more serious an employee the more focus. That’s not necessarily true.  Why?

Happy People Are More Productive

People who wake up in the morning and enjoy coming to work are going to bring optimistic influence into the work environment.  It is known that people spend the majority of their day at work, so it is vital that one likes their job!  The happier an employee, the longer they will want to stay, and will feel more relaxed about getting their work done.  It is common that these people tend to work longer hours than necessary without complaints!

Happy Employees Are Great Team Players

If co-workers genuinely enjoy each others company while at work, it is typical that they will work well together as a team.  The communication efforts will come naturally, helping each other out will be a given, and maybe even some light laughter, which is good for everyone’s soul!  Working in a team and communicating effectively is always a struggle, but again, it seems to come natural for happy employees!

Happy Employees Bring Positive Energy

When employees are happy, they complain less, fix problems without getting angry, and are willing to help others out in a bind.  It is common that they have more pizzazz, more energy, and often stay pretty healthy [not taking many sick days].  These types of employees are eager to learn, wanting to advance, and this is done quickly.  Needless to say, these are the types of people you want in your company!

The key to having happy employees is to provide a good balance between working hard and playing hard.  It is good for employees to engage in conversation once in a while other than work, but also vital that they know the importance of staying focused.  Set a serious tone in the beginning and then ease up once in a while so that the fine line between being serious and laid back is drawn.

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