What’s So Fab About the Y Generation?

Posted on November 15, 2012


In the past, hiring younger folks wasn’t the ideal thought.  Why?  Let’s think about it…the lack of experience,  employees being unsure of their professionalism, and thinking of them as naive to the world.  Fortunately, these aren’t the thoughts of many hiring managers today.  Why is this?  Companies find the “y generation” more appealing these days for several reasons.  What do you think?  

 The Pro’s of the ‘Y Generation’

Their Thankful To Be Working

With the economy being the way it is, many college graduates are still living at home and often don’t find a job until a year after they’ve graduated.  It is rare these days that graduates are even working in the field they studied!  When a young person lands their first job after school, they become very appreciative that someone gave them a chance, having little work experience.  This often means that they will work harder to earn the upper managements respect, will provide fresh ideas, and will work longer hours at a cheaper wage.

They Are Technically Savvy

Let’s face it.  The Y Generation has grown up with computers and the Internet.  They get it.  So much information is thrown in their faces through the Internet that they are able to obtain and manage these thoughts.  This has helped make them quicker learners and able to multitask better than others.  Because there are so many social mediums out there and ways to communicate  their thought process on communication as a whole is different.  This is good because they are good at responding to people quickly,  which is good for any business.

Unlimited Energy

Younger people typically have more energy than older because they have fresh minds and are used to juggling various things from college.  They know when to work hard and when to play hard and seem to have a good balance of the two.  These types of people can make an office environment have a lighter mood, which is appealing to all.  Positive attitudes and strong energy can be very encouraging to others.

They Are Your Future

As time goes on, more and more advances are being made in technology, which older people find hard to keep up with.  Younger people seem to have an easier time because they’ve grown up with things being this way.  A lot of the generation y folks are so tech savvy because they are self-taught through various forms of technology.  They are able to keep up.  This is crucial for businesses that expect to grow and continue success.

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