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8 Reasons Millennials are the Future of Business

April 4, 2014


Millennials get a bad rap. This group of young, innovative professionals has a lot offer the business world and they’re sometimes unfairly painted as entitled, unfocused, and too independent. Millennials are the future of business, literally and figuratively, particularly among IT and telecom companies. Here are eight reasons you should consider paying more attention to […]

As We Approach 2013…

December 28, 2012


During the last few days of 2012, take some time to reflect your year.  Think of all of the positive events and accomplishments, while also remembering the negative.  How did you deal with the difficult times?  How could you have handled tough situations better?  Now try looking from the other perspective.  What did you accomplish? […]

What’s So Fab About the Y Generation?

November 15, 2012


In the past, hiring younger folks wasn’t the ideal thought.  Why?  Let’s think about it…the lack of experience,  employees being unsure of their professionalism, and thinking of them as naive to the world.  Fortunately, these aren’t the thoughts of many hiring managers today.  Why is this?  Companies find the “y generation” more appealing these days for several reasons.  What […]

Signs That You’re a Quality Leader

November 8, 2012


We all have different personality types.  Some of us have strong personalities, maybe very vocal, while others are more laid back and don’t speak up as often as they’d like.  Regardless of either extreme, each personality type can be natural leaders.  Are you?  Here are a few characteristics that determine quality leadership skills. Confident There […]

How a Happy Workplace Can Positively Influence Your Employees

November 6, 2012


People who work in laid back, fun, and happy work environments tend to be the happiest and most successful.  Some companies beg to differ because they feel the more serious an employee the more focus. That’s not necessarily true.  Why? Happy People Are More Productive People who wake up in the morning and enjoy coming […]

Are You Ready for Contact Work?

October 24, 2012


Many folks are often turned off by contract work because they prefer to have longevity in their careers.  Although contract work isn’t permanent, there are many benefits to offer people who choose to go this route.  What are they and are you ready to make the change? Potential to Earn More Money This might come as […]

Confessions of a Recruit-a-Holic

October 17, 2012


So let’s face it.  There are things that we don’t know about recruiters that we might be curious about.  Are they really out for your best interest or theirs?  What is it that they do day in and day out?  After working around many here at Verigent, all with different personality types, it seems as if […]